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Australian Sports Commission
Australian Olympic Committee
State-level Support

Australian Sports Commission (ASC)

In 2005, the Federal Government (through its agency, the ASC) announced new funding levels for sport for the 2005–2009 quadrennium and confirmed that RA would receive an additional $2.28 million during that period. The funding came into effect from 1 July 2005 with its allocation weighted towards the later years of the quadrennium to account for the increased cost of qualifying and preparing for the Olympic Games. The following table outlines the new base funding annual allocations to RA.

Grant Purpose 04-05 05-06 06-07 07-08 08-09
High Performance 3.07m 3.29m 3.51m 3.61m 3.61m
Development 80K 83K 83K 83K 83K
RA/AIS Talent Search 0 130K 130K 130K 130K
Sub-total 3.15m 3.50m 3.73m 3.83m 3.83m
% increase on 04-05 level - 11.2% 18.3% 21.5% 21.5%
AIS 1.39m 1.56m 1.56m 1.56m 1.56m
Total 4.54m 5.07m 5.29m 5.39m 5.39m

Source: Rowing Australia Annual Report 2004-2005

In the 2006-07 Commonwealth Budget, the Australian Government allocated an additional $55.7 million to the ASC over the quadrennium.

This additional funding brings the total Australian Government commitment to the ASC for the financial year 2006-07 to approximately $200 million. Of this, $60 million has been committed to National Sporting Organisations to assist the ASC to deliver excellence in sports performance by Australian athletes, including those who will participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The new funding will address four key areas over four years, namely high performance athlete development ($20.8m), coaching ($4.6m), sports science ($8.7m), and sports excellence at the Australian Institute of Sport ($21.6m).

The additional funding will be spent on: establishing a national talent identification network; identifying, training and retaining elite coaches to oversee the development of high performance athletes; and, critical areas of need in sports science including skills acquisition, data collection and analysis and performance analysis. $15.6m will be invested in the scholarship programs of the AIS, and $6.0m will be spent on increasing the capacity of the AIS to deliver support services directly to athletes and coaches.

Australian Olympic Committee (AOC)

In addition to the conduct of its Summer and Winter Olympic Teams, and events such as the Youth Olympic Festival, that benefit the sport of rowing, the AOC also provides direct financial assistance to RA, its coaches and its athletes under the following programs:

Adidas Medal Incentive Funding
This program delivers direct financail support to athletes and coaches that achieve medal-winning performances at their annual, benchmark event (in the case of rowing, the annual FISA World Rowing Championships).

Funding for international competition
The AOC provides support to national federations towards their overseas touring programs in the amount of $3000 for each athlete and team official, based on their likely team size for the next Olympic Games. RA will receive $171,000 per annum throughout this quadrennium under this program.

State-level Support

RA provides in excess of one million dollars on an annual basis to the network of state institutes and academies of sport, state rowing associations, and selected elite clubs that subsidises the delivery of elite training and development programs in each state and the ACT.

In return, the institutes and academies provide coaching, competition and athlete support to the athletes that comprise our national squads and are an integral component in the delivery of RA's national high performance plan.













Annual Report 2004–2005














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