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RA Adaptive Rowing Classification Policy

Rowing Australia’s objective for adaptive rowing is to provide opportunities for people with a disability to compete at a local, state and national level. RA is responsible for the classification of athletes who wish to compete at a national level and has established classification criteria that define the minimum disability of an athlete permitted to compete in each of the designated boat classes.

The RA Adaptive Rowing Classification Policy has been developed to clearly identify the different Adaptive Rowing Classifications recognised by Rowing Australia. The Policy explains the different classifications status that an athlete can be given, as well as the application process for gaining a National Adaptive Rowing Classification.

Rowing Australia has adopted the FISA Classification Guidelines and Procedures. However, this document has been amended to outline and cater for the differences between a National Classification Program and an International Classification Program.

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2011 Rowing Australia Adaptive Rowing Classification Policy
(pdf, 209kb)
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