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For sale

If you wish to advertise in the classifieds 'For sale' section please contact Rob Winkworth at

26 June 2014

MGGS Boats for Sale

2012 Sykes Racing M40G 75kg 'The Merton'
Construction: Carbon Composite
Riggers: Alloy Wing Rigger quick release
Wiring: NK Harness 3-8+ speaker + NK Impeller harness (2 seat)
New Wave shoes
Condition: Excellent
Black internal decking & Section guiding pins
Extra Large training rudder supplied
Stored: Melbourne Rowing Club
Used by MGGS 1st VIII
Price: $20,000neg

2009 Sykes Racing M40G 75kg 'Mike Steele'
Construction: Carbon Composite
Riggers: Alloy Wing Rigger quick release
New Wave Shoes
Wiring: NK Harness 3-8+ speaker + NK Impeller harness (2 seat)
Condition: Very good
Extra Large training rudder supplied.
White internal decking & Section guiding plates
Stored: Melbourne Rowing Club
Price: $16,000neg

A variety of spares are also available for these boats if requested (spare backarms etc)
8 * Croker M2 Wooden Handle Sweep oars (2008) w mild cutout available on request.

Contact Nick Bernard on 0423742201 or for more information.

Updated 25 June 2014

MUBC Boats for sale

'Christian Ryan'
2006 Hudson 8+, 90 kg crew ave. In very good condition
Price: $14,500 (incl GST)

'Nick Green'
2011 Hudson 4-/x, 86-102 kg crew ave (sweep and sculling riggers). In very good condition.
Price: $17,500 (incl GST)

'Karsten Forsterling'
2008 Hudson 4-/x, 75 kg crew ave (sweep and sculling riggers). Bought second hand from the Argentina LM4- competing at the 2010 World Championships in New Zealand. i.e. little use for first 3 years of its life. Still in excellent condition.
Price: $12,500 (incl GST)

Inspections are welcome. The boats can be viewed/inspected at MUBC.
Please contact Pete Kupcis on or 0415 195 167

5 March 2014

Sykes - Single Scull

Construction: 2006 Carbon composite
Condition: Good condition
Wiring: To suit NK SpeedCoach

Also included:

Croker Oars
SpeedCoach Gold

Stored: Melbourne - Mercantile Rowing Club
Contact: Brittany

6 November 2013

Rowing Australia Fleet Boats for sale

The following boats from the recent Rowing Australia national fleet are to be sold.

Boat Make Boat Class Year of Make Boat Number Sale Price
Empacher R40 (4-/4x) WM or LM 4-/4x 2009 599 $18,000 + gst
Empacher R40 (4-/4x) WM or LM 4-/4x 2009 601 $18,000 + gst
Empacher R40 (4-/4x) WM or LM 4-/4x 2009 602 $18,000 + gst
Empacher R44 (4-/4x) Men 4-/4x 2009 080 $18,000 + gst
Empacher R44 (4-/4x) Men 4-/4x 2009 081 $18,000 + gst
Empacher R44 (4-/4x) Men 4-/4x 2007 U041 $9,000 + gst
Empacher S40 (4-) WM or LM 4- 2005 437 $6,000 + gst
Sykes M29 LW2x 2009 4877 $9,000 + gst

These boats will be used for a final time at the upcoming National Time Trial in Penrith (December 13–15) and will be available for pick-up in Penrith immediately after the Time Trial or from the AIS facility in Canberra from the 16th of December.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these boats then please contact Wayne Diplock on email: OR call +61 414 559 151.

16 September 2013

Sykes – Lightweight Single Scull

Construction: 2011 Honeycomb carbon
Mould: Lightweight (59 - 65kg) - Mould 26
Boat Weight: ~14Kg
Condition: Excellent condition - only rowed intermittently.
Rigger: Alloy wing rigger
Wiring: To suit NK SpeedCoach

Stored: ACT
Total price: $8800 ONO.
Contact: Natalie
Phone: 0420 860 016

13 September 2013

Swift Racing Elite Single Scull

Construction: 2009 Honeycomb sandwich construction
Mould: Heavy weight (83 - 100kg)
Boat Weight: ~14.6Kg
Condition: Mint condition
Rigger: Aluminium wing rigger
Wiring: To suit NK StrokeCoach

Also included:

NK StrokeCoach
s2 Croker oars
Size 9 shoes

Stored: QLD
Total price: $5900.
Contact: Rob Bird
Phone: 0411 239 607

13 September 2013

Wintech – Medalist Single Scull

Construction: 2008 Full Carbon Nomex honeycomb construction
Mould: Heavy weight (85 - 105kg)
Boat Weight: ~13.8Kg
Condition: Excellent Condition
Rigger: Carbon fibre riggers
Wiring: To suit NK SpeedCoach

Also included:

Croker Oars
Padded travel cover
Rigger Cover
Size 12 shoes

Stored: VIC
Total price: $6000 ONO.
Contact: George Ellis

12 September 2013

SASI rowing boats for sale

The South Australian Sports Institute rowing program has a number of racing boats for sale. All boats have been used in the 2012/13 season.

Detailed boat specifications are attached. Interested parties should submit an offer to Jason Lane via email ( by 5pm Wednesday October 9, 2013.

Full payment will be required on receipt of the purchased boat(s). Acceptance of the final offer is also subject to the completion of a disclaimer of liability. Boats will be available for collection at the end of October 2013.

For further information please contact Jason Lane, 0458 769 631.

Boat Year Built Size (kg) Mould SASI Number Serial Number Manufacturer Price (GST inc.)
Single scull 2006 95 30 133 4126 Sykes $4,500
Single scull 2006 95 30 134 4127 Sykes $4,500
Single scull 2006 95 30 135 4128 Sykes $4,500
Single scull 2006 78 26 137 4129 Sykes $4,500
Single scull 2006 78 26 138 4141 Sykes $4,500
Single scull 2006 78 26 139 4142 Sykes $4,500
Single scull 2006 78 26 140 4143 Sykes $4,500
Double 2006 57 29 216 4131 Sykes $6,250
Pair/Double 2006 100 23 217 4133 Sykes $6,750
Pair 2006 100 23 218 4134 Sykes $6,250
8 x M2, S70 Sweep oars           Croker $100 ea
8 x S4, Sculling pairs           Croker $100 pr

12 September 2013

FOR SALE (Must sell)

Excellent Condition

Can be reversed rigged
(6 extra riggers)
Boat Cover
x8 New ‘New Wave’ shoes
Custom sizes according to purchaser’s order

For details, photos or inspection, call or email:
Andrew O’Brien
Genazzano FCJ College
301 Cotham Road, Kew, VIC 3101
Telephone: 8862 1148
Mobile: 0407 811 697

3 September 2013

Wintech Racing – Medalist Single Scull

Construction: 2012 - Carbon Fiber with Nomex honeycomb core
Mould: Light weight (60 – 75kg )
Boat Weight: ~14 Kg
Condition: As new
Rigger: Carbon wing rigger
Wiring: NK SpeedCoach

Also included:

2 Wintech Aluminium Slings
Roof rack carrier sling
StrokeCoach Computer
SpeedCoach Computer

Stored: Bundaberg, QLD
Total price: $10,990.00
Contact: Rae
Phone: 0407 151 155

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