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Getting involved in rowing is easy and rewarding. Rowing is a sport suitable for people from any age group and for individuals with all skill and fitness levels. Rowing caters for all individuals, from those who are simply looking for fun, fitness and recreation in a friendly, inclusive environment to those who are interested in becoming the best rower they can be. Rowing has successful pathways which carry talented athletes from club rowing to the Olympics.

Rowing is an excellent way for anyone to stay active and to experience the health benefits of physical activity in an enjoyable and social environment.

Rowing also provides participants with valuable life skills and fosters an environment which reflects rowing’s traditional values of teamwork, focus discipline and determination within a club culture that is friendly and welcoming.

Anyone can join a rowing club, regardless of their fitness or ability level. Rowing clubs provide the opportunity for individuals to row recreationally for fun and fitness or the opportunity to compete and to achieve their personal best.

Use our ‘Find a Club’ tool to find your local rowing club, including contact details and directions.

To find out more about rowing in your State or Territory, including location and cost, please contact the relevant State contact listed below.

State Development Contacts

Rowing ACT
Josh O’Brien
[email protected]
0406 376 666

Rowing NSW
Alan Bennett
[email protected]
(02) 8116 9777

Rowing QLD
Peter Hicks
[email protected]
(07) 3842-1200

Rowing SA
Peer Richards
[email protected]
(08) 8242-3288

Rowing TAS
Rob Prescott
[email protected]
(04) 1813-0758

Rowing VIC
Bron Humphrys
[email protected]
(03) 9645 0624

Rowing WA
Daniel Takenberg – CEO
[email protected]
(08) 9364-3905