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Club Administration


Rowing Australia in conjunction with its Member State and Territory Associations is committed to working with community and grassroots rowing clubs to develop the capacity of individuals, groups and communities to deliver a vibrant, enjoyable and successful club environment.

The Australian Sports Commission provides some useful information on the administration, management, policies, and organisation of volunteer associations which should be embraced by all rowing clubs.

A detailed list of club related resources can be found here including useful information on:

  • Collecting, Keeping and Managing Information
  • Committee Management and Club Performance
  • Event Management
  • Financial Resources and Management
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Local Community and Environment
  • Marketing Activities
  • Member Management, Feedback, Satisfaction and Leadership
  • Participation, Access and Equity Issues
  • Policies, Rules, Guidelines and Planning for Clubs
  • Risk Management
  • Role of Staff and Volunteers
  • Work Health and Safety


Additional information on a number of issues essential to the development and management of clubs is available through the following links: