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National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS)

Here is a list of all accredited rowing coaches as at 01/09/17 along with their individual number and expiry date

Coaching accreditation lasts for four years after which coaches need to reaccredit. Both of the below forms need to be completed and returned, via email to Ron Batt on [email protected]

Please list how you have earned the required number of points in both categories, as well as Practical and Personal Development over the last four years.
For example Coached MU19 4x at Nationals, Sydney 2017 for Queens RC = 10 points, Gained Red Cross Senior First Aid – Brisbane, November 2016 = 10 points.

Coach Re-Accreditation Form

Coach’s Code of Ethics Agreement Form

Accredited coaches can update their address or contact details by emailing [email protected]

Rowing Australia is reviewing the structure, content and delivery of its coach education programs to improve the course content. As part of the review the coaching levels will now be known as 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The table below provides an overview of the coaching levels under the old NCAS program and the levels and course aims to which they relate under the revised NCAS.

New Level Old Level Aim
Level 1 Learn to Row Coach The Level 1 Course is aimed at the novice coach. These coaches are likely to have minimal background in rowing and may coach at school or club level. Examples of this type of coach are teachers and parents with non-rowing backgrounds and current rowing club members helping at the grassroots level.This course will be delivered entirely online from 1st July 2016.To register for this online course please go to:

Level 2 Club/School Coach The Club/ School Coach is aimed at senior school and club coaches. This program trains coaches who already have some experience in the sport and aims to provide the coach with the knowledge and skills to develop athletes to their potential.
Level 3 Performance Rowing Coach The Performance Coach is aimed at coaches intending to work with State level teams, junior National teams and School head coaches. This program aims to develop the coach’s concepts of applied sports science, program management skills and the ability to develop less experienced coaches within their network.
Level 4 High Performance Coach The High Performance Coach is an advanced accreditation level.  It is aimed at professional head coaches working within high performance clubs and National Training Centre networks who are dealing with elite athletes.


In addition to renaming the levels of the NCAS courses, Rowing Australia has refined the prerequisites for each level to ensure that the most appropriate and informative rowing specific program is delivered.

Accreditation level Pre-requisite
Level 1
Level 2
  • Level 1 completed
  • 1 year of coaching experience as a Level 1 coach
  • Units (1,3,5,7,8,9,11,13 ) Intermediate Coaching General Principles completed
Level 3
  • Level 2 completed
  • 1 year of coaching experience as a Level 2 Coach
Level 4
  • Level 3 completed
  • 1 year of coaching experience as a Level 3 Coach
NB: It is recommended that all coaches undertake a first aid certificate

Additional information is available via the Australian Sports Commission website.

Ron Batt
National Community Development & Education Officer
Rowing Australia
+61 410 583 474
[email protected]