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HP Development Program

The National Rowing Centre of Excellence (NRCE) High Performance Development Program (HPDP) has emerged from the previously known NEDP and NTID programs that have been operating from two separate federal government funding sources. While the aims of the new HPDP will primarily remain the same the new program will be funded and managed as one program though the NRCE.

HPDP Program Key Deliverables

  • Identify, recruit, and actively ‘case-manage’ the effective development of talented athletes within the state, who are potential Senior A medal standard athletes for future World Championships and Olympic Games.
  • Ensure clearly defined development pathways exist for the transfer of talented school athletes into the club system, and from the club system into a HP athlete pathway offered by the AIS/SIS/SAS network.
  • Ensure quality HP Development coaching and support systems exist in the state via club delivery structures, and are delivered in line with the HPDP guidelines.

HPDP Program Outline

  • The HPDP will provide guidelines and goals for athletes and coaches on the path for long term success at future Olympic Games.
  • The HPDP will provide an identification and development program for athletes selected into Tier 4 and 5 squads as outlined in the National Scholarship Program.
  • The HPDP will employ a full time Coordinator in each of the seven rowing states to manage the operations of the respective State HPDP.
  • The HPDP will be a guided pathway for rowers who have “Gold Medal” long term potential. These athletes will be identified by a combination of talent identification measurement and by a series of performance tests.
  • Once identified retaining and developing very talented athletes requires detailed planning and implementation of high quality resources combined with extensive education on high performance behaviour and disciplines. These rowers are rare and need to be provided with a challenging environment.
  • There are always a small number of exceptions to this and the HPDP must cater for this small percentage, however to develop a successful Olympic team, the main objective of the HPDP will be to focus on the rowers most likely to win Olympic Gold medals.
  • HPDP is designed as a cooperative venture between many parties including athletes, coaches and targeted clubs with high performance capability, State rowing associations, State Sport Institutes and Academies (SIS/SAS), and the NRCE.
  • Key factors of the pathway will be coordination from the NRCE and assistance to athlete and coach development from many sources.

HPDP Program Leadership and Management

  • Under the broad direction of the National High Performance Director, the High Performance Development Program will be implemented nationally by the High Performance Development Manager and Senior Coordinator.
  • In each state centre Rowing Australia now employs a HP Development Coordinator (HPDC) who will report to the HPDP Senior Coordinator, operating under the strategic direction of the HPDP Manager.
  • The HPDP annual planning within the state, and on going performance reviewing of this role will be conducted through state Joint Management Committees, comprising of NRCE, State Sporting Organisations (SSO) and SIS/SAS representatives.
  • From a day to day operational perspective, this position operates in direct collaboration with nominated SSO and/or SIS/SAS rowing representatives.
  • The State Joint Management Committee should agree on the yearly delivery structure and operations within the State and the long term development pathway for all HPDP athletes. This will include the development of a State HPDP 12 month operational plan to be reviewed on a six monthly basis with the HPDP Manager and Senior Coordinator.


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