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Personal Excellence

Rowing Australia and the RA Athletes’ Commission are committed to helping its athletes to achieve their best both on and off the water. In partnership with the AIS we are delivering a program that assist athletes to balance their sporting commitments with educational and professional opportunities, so that rowing athletes continue to be leaders and high achievers once they’ve retired from the sport.


What is Personal Excellence?

Personal Excellence is an AIS initiative designed to assist athletes to make informed decisions that impact performance in sport and life. Through a multifaceted approach, athletes will be provided guidance, access to resources and educational opportunities to achieve personal and professional empowerment and become more professional, accountable, responsible and resilient in their approach towards sport and life. The issues and increased media scrutiny faced by today’s athletes places significant pressure on all areas of their life and their ability to manage their actions.

Personal Excellence diagram

Therefore, if an athlete can:

  • embrace and understand the need for lifelong learning
  • adopt appropriate life skills and
  • be prepared for all stages of the high performance pathway

they will be better equiped to make decisions which impact performance in sport and life, successfully progress through their athletic journey and achieve
the principles of Personal Excellence.


The AIS will work with NSOs and the SIS/SAS to strengthen their capability to deliver:

  • an athlete roadmap including inductions to high performance sport and benchmark representative teams, along with transition guidance and planning to post career support
  • formal and informal learning, in addition to career guidance and education advice
  • third party provider referral networks
  • resource development

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