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Lead Physiotherapist – Phil Cossens

Phil Cossens is a Sports Physiotherapist based at the AIS in Canberra. Phil’s primary role is to provide day to day servicing to the Reinhold Batschi NTC and to oversee the provision of physiotherapy services to the Hancock Prospecting NTC in Penrith. As the RA Lead Physiotherapist Phil is also responsible for

1) To develop a comprehensive and skilled network of physiotherapists throughout the country to deliver physiotherapy services in each state institute or sport (SIS) /state academy of sport (SAS) program.

2) To work with domestic physiotherapy providers to provide the best possible support to all senior A athletes so that injury time is minimised and areas for performance improvement are addressed.

Phil assists with the process of allocating physiotherapists to the Australian Rowing Team at the Senior, Under 23, Under 21 and Junior levels. A secondary role of the Lead Physiotherapist is to be aware of all injuries affecting rowers on these teams.

Physiotherapy Network

RA has a network of Physiotherapists providing services to our elite rowers in SIS / SAS environments. These Physiotherapist also work in private practice and provide Physiotherapy services to all aspiring elite, school and club level rowers. RA has also established a network of providers who have an interest in rowing and do not currently treat rowers at the elite level. The list can be found here: 2016 (September) Preferred Providers List

Medical Reporting

All injury information about Senior Rowers is collected centrally via an electronic records system that all SIS/SAS Physiotherapy providers have access to. Any rower nominating for any national team must ensure that all injuries that affect a rowers ability to perform a selection event (eg. Time trial) must be recorded on the current medical form. Forms for senior A and B rowers must be sent to Professor Peter Fricker, forms for underage rowers must be sent to state talent pathway co-ordinators, please visit the RA Contacts page for this information.