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Sports Science

Rowing Australia’s Sports Science program includes the disciplines of Physiology, Movement Science, Performance Analysis, Performance Nutrition, Performance Psychology and Strength and Conditioning. The focus of the Sports Science team is to maximise positive outcomes for each athlete with the view that well prepared and disciplined athletes will reliably perform at or very close to their maximum capabilities. Each discipline has leaders in their chosen field whose role it is to set the philosophy that filters through all Australian Rowing Teams, State Academies of Sport and State Institutes of Sport.

Lead Physiologist

Tony RiceTony Rice has worked with The National Senior Team since 2002 and has attended the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. For the last 6 years he has been National Sports Science Coordinator for Rowing Australia and although employed by the Australian Institute of Sport resides full-time within the Rowing Australia National Training Centre in Canberra.
Tony has helped design and implement a number of key technologies for rowing with the major inclusion being the Catapult Sports produced Minimaxx GPS system. The original prototypes were developed through a partnership between the Australian Government and the Australian Institute of Sport but since 2007 the units have been manufactured by Catapult Sports; a spin-off company from the original prototype group. The GPS systems are now used worldwide across many different sports including rowing, canoe-kayak, AFL football, soccer and NFL football.

Research has always been a big focus of the Australian Institute of Sport Physiology Division and Tony has enjoyed bringing the Physiology research philosophy across to Rowing Australia. Current research interest of Rowing Australia include; quantification of training load and training adaptations, fatigue states, oxygen delivery including hypoxia and hyperoxia, resting metabolic rate and training periodisation. Tony has supervised a number of Ph.D students embedded within rowing at the National Training Centre in Canberra and ensures outcomes from the high performance applied research are implemented throughout the national system.

Our Philosophy

A high reliability of maximal performance is built through a strong training ethic, excellent training consistency and individualised programming with sub-maximal and maximal performance assessed and calibrated regularly.

Our Role

We are responsible for identifying and quantifying the physical and physiological characteristics that contribute to performance in rowing, and the most effective methods of manipulating these characteristics to enhance the likelihood of World Championship and Olympic success.

Our Assessment Protocols

We have a number of assessment protocols aimed at testing all physiological characteristics of a rower. Some of our protocols are aimed at simplicity so that the test can be conducted anywhere throughout the world where others require the use of scientific grade equipment which helps measure very small change in performance and metabolic variables as a result of training.

These protocols can be found here.